Fall 2021 Sermon Series

Ending where I began – Thoughts from 1 John

In January of 1999 I launched into my first sermon series at GTCC, a study of 1 John.  In a sense this series “finishes where I began” but with 23+ years of experience in between.  This is not a study of first John, it is, as the title indicates, “thoughts from 1 John.”  Also, if you’ve studied our new vision statement you will see it reflected in this series.  My aim is to remind our congregation of God’s love for us and his calling on our lives. I also intend to point us forward to the new vision.

John was an old man when he wrote this letter to his beloved spiritual family in Ephesus.  These are some of his “last words” to his long-time flock.  It is partially for that reason that I’ve chosen to use the fall for this series.  I don’t know what the new year will bring, perhaps the transitional pastor arriving shortly after the first of the year.  I’m not counting on preaching “uninterrupted” through Easter so I’m approaching the fall series as my final season of week in and week out preaching at GTCC.

Secondly, beyond the context of 1 John lining up with my current experience, I think it is crucial that I point us forward.  What GTCC should be as we continue to follow Jesus whomever the pastor may be.  This is Jesus’ church not mine and while I’ve been here from the beginning only Jesus will be here through the end.  Faithfully following the one “who loved us and gave his life as an atoning sacrifice for our sins” 4:10 is where I want to end.

Summer 2021 Sermon Series

Questions Jesus Asked

Often, when asked a question or receiving a request, Jesus would respond with a question. A careful study of how Jesus used questions to engage his listeners, enemies and would be disciples give us a deeper understanding into his heart and challenge us to ask spiritual questions of ourselves…

  • Do I really believe?
  • Why am I afraid or doubting?
  • Can I trust Jesus? Is he my Lord?