Oasis International

Feeding the Nations

For the 3rd year Oasis International is looking to bless newer refugee families in need this Thanksgiving with foods that are staples of their diets this November.

We are collecting:

  • large bag(s) of white rice (5 lbs)
  • vegetable oil (1 Gallon total)
  • pasta (32 oz)sugar (10 lbs)
  • white flour (10 lbs)
  • bag of white onion (5-6 large)
  • dry lentil beans (2 each 16 oz)
  • can chopped tomatoes (28 oz)
  • canned chick peas (6 cans each 15 oz)
  • canned or red beans (6 cans each 15oz)

THIS YEAR WE ARE ALSO ASKING FOR ALDI OR WALMART GIFT CARDSIN $25 INCREMENTS to be used by new families until they can get food stamps. We are expecting another 300 Afghan by the end of the year!

Philosophy of Missions


Our Team exists to…
Fulfill the vision of the Greentree Community Church to love all peoples by spreading God’s love through word and deed and making disciples of all nations.


The purpose of the Missions Team is to…
Allocate the church’s mission’s budget, connect with our missionaries/ ministry partners, communicate between the congregation and missions partners, and mobilize the congregation to spread God’s love to all peoples -in St. Louis, the USA, and beyond.


Our Missions Team is…
An advisory board that serves as a liaison between congregation, staff and session. The advisory board assists in creating and deciding the mission priorities and resource allocations under the approval, collaboration and leadership of the Missions Pastor, Missions Elder and Missions Co-director.

Our mission field context…
We view our outreach as made up of roughly 50% local and national missionaries/organizations and 50% international missionaries/organizations.


Our drive is to ​activate​ the church, by being the hands and feet of Christ, to go out into the Kingdom to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and provide strong evangelistic efforts for the Gospel to be made known throughout their backyard, community, city, nation and beyond by giving of their time, talent and treasure.


The practices of the Missions Team is to…

  • Meet monthly, or as needed, to lead GTCC missions efforts
  • Allocate the church’s missions budget
    • Good Stewards of God’s gifts by vetting potential partners, setting the strategic missional funding and establishing the review processes
  • Connect with our missionaries/ ministry partners
    • Building and developing relationships with missionary partners through continual mission communication
    • Equipping the congregation to embrace the missions partners as part of our church family
    • Offering care to our missionaries through spiritual, mental and emotional support – including but not limited to prayer, mental health resources, counseling, visitation and etc.
  • Communicate with the congregation
    • Information
    • Updates
    • Awareness
  • Mobilize the congregation to spread God’s love to all peoples outside GTCC through word and Deeds- in STL, USA, and beyond
    • Go
    • Serve
    • Do



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