Scroll down for Virtual Advent Calendar.


Join us for our Advent Worship services at 9 and 10:30 AM from November 28th through December 19th.   

On December 12th , our worship will be led by our Children’s Christmas Choir at the 9 and 10:30 AM services.

Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Eve Services will be held at 1, 3 & 5PM. 1PM will be a mask required service. Worship via our Livestream will be at 5PM. You can find the livestream link available here.  

On December 26th , we will have one family worship service at 9:00 AM. No Sunday school on this Sunday.


Middle School Christmas Party

6th-8th Graders, join us Wednesday, December 8th from 7-8:30 PM for our Christmas Party.  

Christmas Jammies Movie Night

Parents, how does 3 hours to shop, wrap presents or just enjoy a dinner out without the kiddos sound? We’re inviting your children to join us for a Christmas Jammies Movie Night on Friday, December 17th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM. 

Your children are encouraged to come dressed in their Christmas pajamas and to bring their blanket and pillow, or whatever makes them comfy for our movie time. Dinner, a simple craft and fun treats are included! 

Virtual Advent Calendar

Over the four weeks of Advent, we will have a video Monday- Thursday that invites you to reflect on this season of preparing for Christmas together with others in our Greentree family. We will be sharing scripture, Christmas traditions, favorite songs, devotions, and on Tuesdays, special Christmas recipes (see below). The themes of this Advent experience will build on the messages shared each Sunday during our worship services. 

Baking with Bethie Recipes

Week One

Cranberry Oat Scones:

1/3 cup cold butter cut into 1inch chunks
1 ½ cups flour
¼ cup brown sugar
½ teaspoon salt
½ teaspoon cinnamon
2 ½ teaspoons baking powder
Combine these ingredients in a Cuisinart or medium size bowl. If using a food processor, pulse the ingredients 10 times. If using a bowl, you will cut the butter into the dry ingredients with a fork or pastry cutter. The scone mixture will be shaggy and have butter the size of small pes when it is ready.
½ cup whole oats
½ cup dried cranberries
½ cup heavy cream.

Stir everything to combine, and then use your hands to gather the dough into a ball. Pat or roll the ball into a ½ inch disc on a lightly floured counter or silicone baking sheet. Use a knife or pizza cutter to cut the disc into triangular wedges, think of small fat pizza slices, and separate the wedges onto a pan lined with parchment or a silicon baking sheet. You can brush the tops with extra cream and sprinkle with coarse sugar or leave the wedges plain. Bake at 375* for 12-16 minutes until light brown. Serve with butter and your favorite jelly or jam.

Week two

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels:

Pretzel Rods (Snyder’s GF rods are now available)
Dipping Chocolate:
Ghiradelli White or Chocolate Melts: Sam’s has large bags in October and early November for the holidays, Walmart and Grocery stores carry smaller bags year-round, but they are pricey.
Aldi has Baker’s Corner melting wafers in white or chocolate in the Fall
Almond Bark can be used but does not taste as good
Tip: do not use chocolate chips…they are designed to hold their shape and do not melt smoothly.

M&Ms full size or mini
Sprinkles (whatever you love)
Colored Chocolate to drizzle with: sold in bags anywhere they have baking supplies: Hobby Lobby, Walmart, even some grocery stores at Holidays
Crushed peppermint, chocolate chips or toffee bits
Caramel and nuts for making turtle pretzels

Melt a good amount of chocolate (depends on number of pretzels you will be dipping) in a “batter bowl” such as a heavy 8 cup plastic or glass measuring bowl. My favorite size can fit an entire pretzel, except the part I am holding, at an angle. Melt the chocolate slowly in the microwave for 30-45 second intervals stirring after each until just a few lumps remain. At that point, microwave chocolate on half power for 15-20 seconds and stir until all the chocolate is fluid.

Dip a pretzel in as far as you can while holding the bowl on an angle by tipping it to the side. As you pull the pretzel out scrape the same side of the pretzel twice along the inside edge of the bowl so that you have a flat side to lay down and no chocolate “foot” on the edge of your pretzel. Decorate as desired with M&Ms, sprinkles, anything you like.


  • You need 1-2 small bags or 1 large bag of chocolate to make the process as easy as possible. More chocolate is much easier to dip pretzels in and make them look pretty.
  • It is best to dip 6-8 pretzels before adding the toppings, so the chocolate has a little time to cool, and the toppings don’t slide off the top down the sides. If you are using sprinkles or nuts you can dip 8-10 pretzels and then sprinkle on topping, but if you are using M&Ms you can only dip 4-6 before the chocolate sets and the M&Ms won’t stick because the chocolate is too cold.
  • Everyone has a different speed of dipping pretzels so experiment a little before using your favorite or fanciest/pricey ingredients.
  • If your chocolate hardens before you sprinkle your toppings on you can always drizzle them with a different color chocolate. Decorate as desired and have fun creating something yummy and festive!