Homes of Hope - Family Mission Trip
January 18 - 21, 2019

Imagine the impact you will be a part of creating when you join 45 to 60 volunteers, over a long weekend in Ensenada, Mexico, to build homes for 3 - 4 families who never dreamed of living in a house without a dirt floor. Reasons to go?

  • To carry the love of Christ to a family with no home, living on as little as $50 per week
  • Work alongside a family who struggles daily with basic needs of food, shelter, education, adequate medical care and sufficient employment
  • Serve with your family and friends, ages 6 to 90, who can swing a hammer or use a paint brush (no experience necessary, just a good attitude)
  • Offer hope and live the Gospel

The cost for this trip is $650 for 14+years and $550 for 13 years and under. In addition to this fee, each family is responsible for the cost of their hotel room(s) and airfare.

For questions, please contact Ron Moser, 314.304.9400.

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HONDURAs Student Mission Trip

During the summer of 2019, our Senior High students will be partnering with the Micah Project from July 20-26. More details to come soon.

We want to encourage the initiative and teamwork required to raise the funds needed to cover the trip and ministry costs. Plus, we are exposing them to a broader view of God’s world and mission, thereby, planting the seeds for our next generation of missionaries building God’s kingdom.

For questions, please contact Eric Van Zee at 314.909.9197.